Rural + Agribusiness

Rural businesses are no doubt different and we work with all stage rural businesses to ensure long term viability and cash flow management. We are commercial, practical and responsive when it comes to the issues facing rural and agribusinesses and with a wide experience we are able to assist you navigate the maze of running a business.

Our team will work closely to understand your business, your objectives and what we can do to assist you in getting more from your business.

Cash flow + funding

Cash flow + funding Every rural business needs cash flow and we are here to help you manage this. Using the extensive technology that’s available together with understanding the vagaries of the industry, the team are here to help you improve your business. We work closely with several financial institutions and can be your advocate in dealing with the bank, equally we can work with your existing bank to ensure that you have the best deal, whether rate, flexibility or simplicity.

We develop long term relationships with our clients to ensure that you are getting the best result from your cash flow, that it is providing the certainty you need.

Long term succession

Succession is not a dirty word, and we work closely with farming families trying to understand what the future will bring and how we can simplify the process. We are not afraid of having the hard conversations with family, and are more than happy to be involved in the process to ensure that the results are what the family needs.

We know that succession can be a tough conversation and without the right discussions this can often be left until too late. Working with us, we will ensure that you understand your options, and that these options give you best result.

We work closely with skilled estate and succession lawyers, financiers and insurers to ensure that we can be support your needs.

Tax planning

We develop long term tax plans for rural and agribusinesses to ensure that your cash flow is best managed and we are not pushing a problem into the future. As an active firm, we work to ensure that our tax planning is constantly effective for your business and your needs.

Tax planning for rural and agribusinesses is not as simple as a Farm Management Deposit or buying new equipment, it needs to be part of the overall tax plan for the family group and in line with the overall business plan for the business.

We work closely with our accounting team to ensure that your tax outcomes are optimum.