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Buying Into A Franchise

This article, written from an accountant’s perspective, offers insights for prospective franchisees in Australia. It covers the franchise model, the importance of reviewing the franchise agreement, conducting due diligence on the franchisor, financial analysis, understanding obligations, professional advice, exit strategies, and personal suitability. These considerations are essential for anyone looking to invest in a franchise. 

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Thinking of buying a business?

This article, written from an accountant’s perspective, provides an in-depth guide for individuals considering buying a business. It covers evaluating the business’s financial health, conducting due diligence, understanding the market, reviewing the business model, planning for transition, financial planning, and the importance of seeking professional advice. These considerations are crucial for making an informed decision and ensuring a successful business acquisition.

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Starting your business

This article, tailored for new business owners and written from an accountant’s perspective, provides key insights on starting a business. It covers areas such as business planning, market research, choosing the right structure, registering the business, financial systems setup, managing finances, tax obligations, funding, customer relationships, and the importance of professional advice. These elements are crucial for laying a strong foundation for a successful business venture.

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Depreciating your equipment

This article provides an overview for business owners in Australia on equipment depreciation, including its importance, methods, calculation, tax implications, record-keeping, and the value of professional advice. Understanding these aspects of depreciation is crucial for accurate financial reporting and maximising tax efficiencies.

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Benefits of HappyHR

This article provides an overview of HappyHR, highlighting its features, benefits, and applicability for business owners. It emphasizes how HappyHR can streamline HR processes, ensure compliance, enhance employee experience, and facilitate data-driven decision-making, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimise their HR management.

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Business Basics

This article offers a comprehensive overview of the basics of business management and practical tips for success, tailored for business owners. It covers essential aspects such as market understanding, business planning, financial management, branding, customer experience, innovation, team building, networking, compliance, and sustainability. These elements are crucial for establishing, running, and growing a successful business.

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Practical Tips from a Business Advisor

This article provides actionable tips for business owners on improving their business. It covers understanding the market, refining the value proposition, enhancing operational efficiency, investing in employees, financial management, customer service, innovation, online presence, sustainability, and the importance of regular review and adaptation. These tips are designed to guide businesses in achieving growth and competitive advantage.

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Your first business plan

This article provides a structured guide for new business owners in Australia on writing their first business plan. It covers the executive summary, market analysis, business model, marketing and sales strategy, operational plan, management team, financial projections, funding, risk analysis, and the importance of an appendix. The focus is on creating a detailed, realistic, and adaptable business plan as a foundation for business success.

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Tips for starting a business

This article offers a comprehensive guide for new business owners in Australia on starting a business. It covers key aspects such as refining the business idea, developing a business plan, choosing the right structure, understanding tax obligations, financial management, marketing, handling challenges, networking, and legal compliance. These tips aim to equip new entrepreneurs with the knowledge and strategies for a successful business launch.

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Offering credit to business clients

This article provides a guide for business owners on offering credit to business clients. It covers assessing creditworthiness, setting terms of trade, using the PPSR, managing risks, and the importance of legal compliance and professional advice. The focus is on strategic and cautious credit extension to safeguard business interests.

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